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Parents Information

Parent-Teacher Communication

  1. Parent Meetings are scheduled at the beginning of every academic year for each of the seven levels. (Prep 1 to Form 5). It is an opportunity to meet the new Form Teacher and other parents. The Form Teacher’s expectations for the upcoming academic year are shared and clarified. Parents/Guardians are asked to make every effort to attend these important meetings.
  2. Parents or teachers may request conferences to discuss students’ performance or conduct. These meetings must be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient to the parents and the teacher. Parents may communicate to teachers through the Home Work Note Book. Private/sensitive correspondence should be sent in a sealed envelope addressed to the teacher.
  3. Parents are encouraged to attend the School’s Open Day (scheduled early in the Second Term). This activity allows for a brief conference with the Form Teacher and a chance to review your child’s written assignments and projects.

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The Parent-Teachers Association

A vibrant PTA supports most of the School’s projects. They organise workshops, lectures, outings of interest to parents and raise funds for some of our most pressing needs.

Examples of PTA gifts include:

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Paved forecourt and parking lot
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Professional Development Scholarship
  • Books for the Library

Fund Raising

As with other Private Schools, our school conducts a series of fund raising projects each year in order to meet our many commitments. Your support is vital to the success of these projects, the funds from which assist us to maintain our present standards and to expand into new areas.


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